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Monday, January 21, 2013

My chicken salad

On Sunday night, we had a rotisserie chicken from Sam's club.  Today, little man and I had chicken salad, made from left overs!
 I have always liked the idea of chicken salad, but the mayonnaise is usually too much for me (I'm weird about creamy stuff and gooey cheese).  So, I've combined a few recipes that I've used over the years to come up with this one.  There is nothing low fat about this recipe.  I've tried to made a healthier chicken salad, but I just don't care for it. So, I stick to this recipe and just (try to) use self control. :)
 I'm not a chef or a baker or anything professional or even semi-professional, so pardon my lack of measurements.  We're talkin' chicken salad here, so just go with your gut.

Some chicken, cooked cut or torn up.  Canned chicken works, too.
salt & pepper
garlic powder
sliced almonds (I use the pre packaged for salads type)
Heavy whipping cream (that you will whip)

 The amount of stuff you use depends on the amount of chicken you start with and your taste.  If I use two cans of chicken, I use about a 1/2 cup each of onions, celery, mayo and cream.  I barely use any tarragon, because I love it when I can barely taste it; a little too much tarragon is gross (to me). 

  I add my mayo to the chicken first.  I use as little as possible to sort of moisten the chicken, because of my previously mentioned issues.  Then, I add in the onion, celery, almonds and spices, and set aside.

 In a separate bowl, I whipped up the heavy cream until is was sort of peakish.  I used a whisk because my mixer thingy's were dirty and I was too lazy to wash them (I realize the ridiculousness of that thought process) so I took me 8 or 9 minutes to get the cream thick enough.  It should take 3-5 minutes with a hand mixer.  See what being lazy gets you, kids!

When my cream was thick enough, I folded it into my other stuff :) It seems like a lot of moistness because of the cream, but after it sits awhile, it thickens up. The cream, in replacement of some of the mayo, keeps this chicken salad lighter tasting. I still get the creamy flavor without the weight and thickness that a lot of mayo creates.

 Then I squeezed some lemon in it, covered it and put it in the fridge until lunch time.
 For lunch, my little man had his with crackers and I had mine on a mini croissant.

He likes it <3

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