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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I need a studio make over!

  Today, I had my last (and only my third ever) craft show of the season.  I had a ton of fun and I really can't wait to do some more next year.  I have been working everyday to crank out enough wallets and what not to fill my table that I now feel a little bit of freedom! True, I do have orders to complete, Thanksgiving shirts to make for my girls and, of course, Christmas, but somewhere in there, I plan on fitting sewing freedom :)
 I also, really need HGTV to come to my house and do something awesome with my sewing studio/room. 

 So, normally, I would never share the embarassing mess that is my sewing room, but I am fairly certain that nobody reads this, so here goes.... 

This is my sewing table covered in random stuff that should be put away (and probably maybe would be if everything had a spot). 

This is my awesome cutting table to my dad made.  It is perfect height for me and has eliminated the back pain that I was getting from bending to cut.  I love it, but i rarely clear it off.  no excuses here, I just need to get it done!
Here, I keep all my fabric.  My dad also made the yellow shelf unit.  I painted yellow, and thought it would be great color with the wallpaper that I found super discounted at Lowes.  The containers were where I first stored my fabric, but then the quantity out grew the space, so then the piles traveled to the shelves and then onto and into the white cabinent in the bottom left corner of this picture.  I need to get control of this room!  Funny thing....I know where everything is :)

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