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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

why don't quilts finish themselves?

So, I've been freezing! I usually freeze from about late September until June. I hate it. blah!  So, I thought, I am going to quickly throw together a 1600 quilt (info here) for me to use in the living room during my freezing seasons.  After all, I may as well love what is keeping me warm, if I am going to hate what is making me cold (non-summer).

It took me 4 days (about 30-40 minutes each day) to crank this bad boy out (the pro's do it in 30 minutes!), 2 week ago!!!!  Yeah, that's right, it has been up on my wall begging to be quilted, or even basted for 2 weeks.  I used fabric from Amy Butler's lotus.  Next time I will use more variety, but it was inexpensive and I had it on hand.

It will be bound with the orange full moon polka dot (amy bulter) and backed with some super cheap and on sale flannel from Joanns.  I hope to finish this in the next week or two.  I have to do it at night, so that I can make things for orders, my shop and my craft shows during daylight nap time. We'll see...

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