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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A day in my life :)

Yesterday, I missed my alarm.  Not by much (I was startled awake 25 minutes later by that feeling I get when I know I've overslept), but enough to make the morning a scramble.  7:15am, the day is on!
-wake and ready the girls for school
-pack backpacks
-get myself dressed
-wake Owyn
-7:45 in the car for school
-Niya to preK, Cami to grade school
-8:15 Owyn eats breakfast, I have a pot of coffee

For the next 2.5 hours, I get as much stuff done as possible.  This includes any computer work that I have to do (my etsy shop, bills, emails, etc).  I wash diapers (this requires me to interact with the washer 3 separate times), wash dishes, fold laundry, sweep kitchen.  All this while also playing with Owyn constantly.  I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and go pick up Niya.

-11a  pick up Niya
we run errands until 12:30 and eat Pb&j in the car.
-1p Owyn naps and Niya has rest time.  I sew for my shop
-3:10pm I go to pick up Cami (Niya and Owyn stay with their dad)
-3:30 I pick up the little girl I babysit. We go to her house (Cami came with me) to be there when her brother gets off the bus. I make them dinner, do the dishes, help with homework and I babysit until their Mother came home at 7:30p
-8pm  I get home just in time to put the two little ones to bed and Cami, too, after she gets ready for bed.
-8:30p I sew for my shop
-9:45p Cami comes downstairs because her leg hurts (this has been happening her entire life, but the dr. offers no explanation besides growing pains).
9:55p-Cami back to bed
10p- I go to bed with my ipad
11p- I turn off everything and go to bed
11:40p- Owyn wakes crying.  He had a really gross soiled diaper (which is  very rare for middle of the night).  I changed him, rocked him, put him down.  He screams.  I rock him, but he just wants to play.  I finally put him down again. He screams for about 10 minutes and falls asleep
12:50p- I rinse the gross dirty diaper. (my favorite thing to do in the middle of the night!)
1p-I sleep

It's a new day!
6:50a- i start all over again :)

 There are obviously tons of moment that I haven't included.  Conversations with Cami.  Painting with Niya, which lead to cleaning with Niya.  Car racing with Owyn.  All the fun stuff that happens while running errands.  But, this is a general representation of a rather uneventful day in my life.  There were no dance classes, appointments, sick kids or emergencies. 
  Owyn did not decide to get into the pantry, like he did once here:
Niya didn't draw all over herself, like she did here:

 Just a normal day with my lovies:

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  1. Oh my goodness, now I'm tired after reading about your day! I found you through Etsy Shops Team. I'm a member, and also trying to be consistant with my blog too..and my Etsy shop, and my full time job, and 2 teenaged boys, hubby, 2 dogs and 5 goats!