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Monday, January 16, 2012

My new monday :)

  I have a shop on etsy and I love it!  It has been such a great thing for me.  I spend time doing what I really love to do while also being productive (I have guilt issues with being a bum, lol). I have been allowed to think and create and, if only for an hour a day (if I'm lucky) not be the token 'grown up' (I have my own 3 kiddos, plus I babysit for two other kids in the evening. All kids, all the time).
 One problem with selling on etsy is getting exposure.  My shop swims among many other similar shops in a very crowded pond. So, I have decided that I am going to try and feature a fellow etsy seller on my blog every Monday.  I often graze through the fields of etsy and find fabulous things.  I want to share them with you! :)
 Today, I will start with a shop that I stumbled upon while creating a treasury, Patchwork Mill.  This shop is filled with so many beautiful and charming items.

 I am absolutely in love with the covered buttons.

Fabric Covered Buttons - Cozy Brown Series  - 4 Medium Fabric Buttons   Fabric Buttons - Hungarian Blue Dying Flowers In Blue and White - 6 Small Fabric Covered Buttons  Fabric Buttons - Green Garden - 6 Small Beige, Pink Floral, Rose and Gingham Fabric Covered Buttons 

and the fantastic journals!

Fabric Journal - Yellow Spring - Handmade Fabric Covered Notebook, Diary - Pink, Green, White Flowers and Tulips  Fabric Journal - Cheerful Flowers With Polka Dots - Handmade Fabric Covered Notebook, Diary - Blue, Red and Yellow Flowers  Fabric Journal - Vintage Blue Hydrangea - Handmade Fabric Covered Notebook, Diary - Blue, Green, White and Turquoise Flowers

 If you get a chance, check out the rest of Patchwork Mill.  I am sure you'll find something you love!


  1. Thank you so much Amanda! It is a great honor for me!

    1. You are welcome! You have a fantastic shop!