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Monday, January 30, 2012

Share the love Monday

  I love wooden things.  I don't know what it is.  I love the instant warmth and the life that I feel from the wood.  I'm not even a hippy or anything, lol.  I just feel it! In my current home, I have hard wood floor (from 1950), wooden furniture, wooden picture frames, wooden swing set.
  Another thing that I love is finding cute things for my kiddos. Enter, Birch Tree Kids.  This shop has a ton of super cute original art pieces that are perfect for any child's room.  Most are functional, too! Clothing racks, growth charts, murals, toy box, and more all hand painted (with love, no doubt) by shop owner Lori Beibel.  I want to show you some of my favorites, but really, you have to go check out the entire shop.

Turtle Wall Hooks - Wood - Nursery Room Decor  Baby Sleeping Sign - Pottery Barn Kids Inspired -  Personalized Star - Eco Friendly  Jungle Animals - Growth Chart - Giraffe - Monkey - Tucan - Personalized - Custom - Eco Friendly

Barnum Bailey Circus - Peg Rack - Vintage Mural - Eco Friendly

I think that this Barnum & Bailey peg rack and mural is my super favorite in the boy/gn category, lol.

Eiffel Tower - Growth Chart - Personalized Cloud - Eco Friendly - Wood  Eiffel Tower - Growth Chart - Personalized Cloud - Eco Friendly - Wood

And the Eiffel tower growth chart and peg rack are my fav in the female performance :)

Oh, but you have to check out the bookends!  So super cute and they are what originally brought me to Birch Tree Kids. My favorite:
Brooke Owl - Table Top Book Shelf - Pottery Barn Kids Inspired - Eco Friendly

 If you get the chance, definitely head over and check out Birch Tree Kids.  I ♥ Etsy for making it possible for me to easily access this type of hand made awesomeness.

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